Can the police search social media profiles? YES and they do

Can the police search my social media profile?  Yes and they do. Police regularly search social media for evidence of crimes, to see who you associate with, to see if they can get you to admit to crimes.   CNN reports that 4 out of 5 police have used social media during an investigation.  That number is probably higher than anyone wants to admit.

Why are the police looking at your pictures and posts on … Read More

Cell Phone

Cell Phone Searches – When can the Police search my Phone?

Cell Phone Searches are common in all criminal cases today. If you are arrested, especially for a drug charge, the police will want to search your phone. Why?  Because they think they’ll find evidence of who you sell to or buy from.

But can they?  No.

In order to search your cell phone – UNLESS YOU GIVE CONSENT – the police must have a warrant.  Warrants are much easier for the police to get … Read More

Stop and Frisk

Bad Stop – Shouldn’t the evidence be thrown out?

Bad Stop

Is it possible for police to make a bad stop of a person, but find out later that there is an outstanding arrest warrant, to have the evidence thrown out in court?  Maybe.

The police have long been allowed to stop a person if they have reasonable suspicion of criminal activity.  IF the police have reason to believe you have committed, or are about to commit a crime, they can frisk you.  That’s … Read More