Jail or Treatment

Jail or Treatment

If an individual is charged with a second or subsequent DUI, they should know that the minimum jail sentence required can be satisfied by jail or treatment in a residential facility.  For example, if you are charged with a third DUI within ten years there is a mandatory thirty day jail requirement as part of your sentence.  However, if the court approves, all or part of this sentence may be served in a residential Read More

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Criminal Punishment Code: How many points do I score?

Criminal Punishment Code

The Florida Criminal Punishment Code gives each felony crime a certain number of “points”. All felony crimes are assigned a “level”.

For example a 3rd degree felony grand theft is a level 4 felony – which counts for 22 points.

Every felony crime that someone pleas to or is found guilty of counts on the score sheet.  The highest crime goes first.

Every felony and misdemeanor crime you ever committed – even … Read More


Restitution: Why do I owe so much money?


If you were convicted of a crime which involved injury to another person or damage to their property, the court will most likely order that restitution be paid as part of your sentence.  This restitution order can be imposed whether the damage was directly or indirectly caused by you.  The law states that the injury or damage, however, must occur “as a result of the offense” and this can become a point of contention … Read More