Domestic Violence Victims

People often think that because we are criminal defense attorneys we don’t represent victims. That’s simply not true. There are 2 types of domestic violence victims we represent:

  • Those who are wrongfully accused.
  • Those who are being bullied in court.

Abusers aren’t just men. Abuse isn’t just physical. The emotional wounds left by an abuser can be just as devastating, especially in court.

Abusers like control – and the easiest way to control you is to take away your financial resources so that you feel powerless.

The quickest way for an abuser to get you out of the house, and away from your children and finances is to claim that you committed domestic violence. We see this time and again, where the abuser accuses the other parent of some horrible thing, a temporary injunction is issued, and victim is thrown out of the house. In the meantime, the abuser closes the bank account, shuts down the credit cards, and convinces the kids the other parent is bad.  How much worse could it get?

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you should get out now.

Contact one of the many domestic violence shelters. The one in New Port Richey, Florida even has a place for pets.

Don’t let your abuser and their attorney continue to bully you in court.

Another emotionally devastating form of abuse we see is when the abuser knows a “really incredible attorney”, the judge, or members of the police department. The abuser might use those “friendships” to influence the outcome of the case or get you arrested. As much as I hate to see this happen, it does. These cases are the hardest to win. By the time the victim get to court, he or she might looks crazy with allegations.

We believe you, we don’t think you’re crazy, and we can’t wait to fight bullies in court.  (And, whatever you may think about that “really incredible” attorney – we’re better, ask the opposing attorney.)

Pawuk & Pawuk has a 15-year history of representing domestic violence victims.

  • Stephanie Pawuk was both a misdemeanor and felony domestic violence prosecutor in Pinellas County, Florida.
  • She won the pro bono attorney award for outstanding service at the Salvation Army Domestic Violence Program in New Port Richey in 2010.
  • She’s volunteered in the West Pasco Court House helping victims fill out legal paperwork for Domestic Violence Injunctions.
  • The attorneys at Pawuk & Pawuk are formidable opponents in court – sometimes our Domestic Violence hearings last days. We don’t give up.  We’re overly prepared. And we know you are right.

Contact our experienced domestic violence attorneys to help represent your rights as a victim of abuse.