Domestic Violence Injunctions – Criminal

It is highly advisable to never go to an Injunction Hearing without a lawyer!  Many people think that a domestic violence injunction is no big deal because the “lies” written in it are so bogus that no judge would ever believe it. You would be wrong.

Once you get to court each side gets to present evidence. If you have none, yet the other side has several witnesses, you will face an uphill battle trying to convince a judge of your innocence.

You only get one chance to prove your case, and if you lose, the consequences can be devastating.  Face it, if the person was willing to lie to get the injunction, they very well may be willing to lie to get you violated and placed in jail.

If a Domestic Violence Injunction has been granted against you, you may not have contact with the person who accused you in any way, shape of form.  If you do, that person can call the police, and if there is sufficient proof, through witnesses, texts, Facebook or otherwise, you will be arrested for a First Degree Misdemeanor of Violation of Injunction.  If you contact the person multiple times while an injunction is in place, it could be considered a Third Degree Felony.

Contact our experienced domestic violence attorneys to defend your case if you have been charged with this crime.