Employment Visas

There are a variety of visas which can be obtained for non-immigrants seeking temporary admission to the United States. Some are specifically to engage in “business activity,” some are for investors, some are for temporary workers, while some are for persons in specialty occupations, such as fashion models or those providing services to the Department of Defense.

There are a wide variety of employment visas and the length of time for which the individual may be admitted to the U.S., (or whether she may seek lawful permanent residence while being present in the U.S.), depends on the type of visa one is admitted to the U.S. under.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of employment visas and a general description of each.

  • H1-B Specialty Occupations, Department of Defense Workers, Fashion Models
  • H1-C Nurses; Health Care shortage
  • H2-A Temporary Agricultural Workers
  • H2-B Temporary Worker (skilled and unskilled)
  • I Foreign Media Representatives
  • L1-A Executive, Managerial
  • L1-B Specialized Knowledge
  • L-2 Spouse or child of L-1
  • O-1 Extraordinary ability in Science, Art, Education, Business or Athletics
  • R-1 Religious workers

There may be other classifications for individuals who seek to work in the United States. Further, some of the preference categories require labor certification by a U.S. employer through the Department of Labor through a procedure called the Program Electronic Review Management (PERM).

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