Diabetes and DUI: Legal Defenses for Diabetics charged with DUI

Diabetes and DUI are complicated legal and medical issues. If you have diabetes and are arrested for DUI, you may have a defense.  Especially if you took a breath test and blew over the legal limit. Contact our experienced Trinity DUI defense attorneys to discuss your defenses.

Most people think breath tests are accurate.  Breath tests are not always accurate, especially if you have certain medical conditions. Diabetes can significantly affect the accuracy of the … Read More


How do I get my adult child out of my house? Ejectment!


Many parents let their adult children live in their homes during difficult times.  Sometime these “children” take advantage, and the parents want them out.  But since there’s no lease agreement, and usually no other agreement, written or verbal, it’s difficult.

How do I get my adult child out of my house?

You can:

  1. File an Ejectment action in the Circuit Court
  2. File an eviction if there’s a written or oral lease with specific terms.
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