Juvenile Criminal Defense

Juvenile Detention – Top 10 things to do if your child is Arrested

The question of what to do if your child is arrested is one I answer almost every day.  Depending on the crime, and the juvenile’s prior criminal record, a juvenile can be held in secure juvenile detention for up to 21 days.  And that’s BEFORE he or she is ever found guilty.

Here are the top 10 things to do:

  1. If you get a call from the police that your child is being
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School Search

Can school administrators strip search my child? Juvenile Strip Search

Juvenile Strip Search

When you send your kid off to school in the morning you’d like to think they were safe, treated fairly, and that school officials were reasonable.  Although juvenile strip searches are rare in school, they can happen.

But can school administrators strip search my child?  Like all legal things – it depends.

In a recent federal case out of Georgia, a middle school boy was taken to the principal’s office because he … Read More